EduSoft: Shaping education together in Moldova

t’s not the changing technology and software that matter.

It’s how we use the best available technology to shift learning in a way that fits our students’ needs.

This is why, as MiLab, we have been experimenting with the Ministry of Education through a number of initiatives to rethink education.

Our latest adventure is a hackathon, where we’ll be working with Moldova’s best and brightest to build next-generation educational content and tools.
The mentor (programmer) and his team of students take part in the pilot.

Education + Software = EduSoft

In the past three years, the Ministry of Education has equipped more than 100 schools with computers, but the use of educational software in class is still very low.

To make things worse, only 50.74 percent of high school students in 2014 passed the math test during the baccalaureate exam.

Using software that relates to Moldovan curricula for studying mathematics could help modernize the educational process and improve students’ performance.

So when a group of IT students approached us with this idea, we couldn’t say no.

We believe that solutions are only viable if the users participate in the creative process. No wonder then that collaboration is at the heart of the EduSoft Hackathon. From the moment the idea was born all the way to its launch, students, programmers and teachers have been involved in equal measures to develop the and test it in a two-week small scale pilot.

Taking the feedback from our pilot, we are now organizing the hackathon between 9 October and 7 November 2015.
Students receive feedback for their work after piloting an initial version of EduSoft.

The student teams will meet every Saturday for four weeks to develop a Beta version for software for the study of mathematics. They will be supported by seasoned tech developers and math teachers.

They will also test their project, as they develop it, among the eventual users: the high school students themselves.

Perhaps most importantly, this initiative is the first of its kind – a fruitful collaboration between schools, universities, and the private sector .

We’re happy to see support and commitment from the Ministry as well. They’ve expressed an interest in mainstreaming the use of this app in schools, so we’re eager to see our efforts come to life soon.

We will keep you updated here on how the hackathon is developing.

Have you ever organised a hackathon? We are eager to read your stories and learn about your experience.