• Status on-hold
  • Year 2017
  • Category Government to Citizen

Problem statement:

Burdensome process of petitioning distracted people from reporting on the shadow economy cases in Moldova. Partially due to low institutional responsiveness the people’s trust to public authorities plummeted to historical lows in recent years.

Innovative approach:

Applying human-centred design: ethnographic research of the issue with the engagement of citizens public authorities, and co-creation of the platform with stakeholders.
Testing the solution (platform) together with citizens and public authorities before scaling up.

Innovations for change outcomes:

  • Electronic platform designed for reporting civic irregularities in society (internet based, also available for Android and iOS).
  • Simple and accessible reporting process: The user reports the problem on, the relevant institution examines the request, and the inspector in charge updates the information about the state of the request. Creation of incentives mechanism for civic reporters on citizens can come up with community projects ideas and vote for the best one by themselves.
  • Scale-up potential: the platform will serve as a centralized governmental civic reporting hub on the irregularities.