Improving the public services delivery model through the Joint Information and Services Bureaus

  • Status on-hold
  • Year 2016 - 2017
  • Category Government to Government

Problem statement:

Joint Information and Services Bureau created and set up by UN Women in 2011 facilitated interaction between public institutions and citizens, and served mostly as information focal point on the public services at local level. Thus in 2016, MiLab in partnership with UN Women and State Chancellery launched an exercise in order to enable JISBs to deliver public services directly to the citizens, and to create a citizens-oriented public services delivery model.

Innovative approach:

Application of human-centred design to map put the bottlenecks of the existing process and to figure out needs and expectations of citizens and service providers in the potential public services delivery model
Co-creation of the new JISB’s model together with citizens and service providers.

Innovations for change outcomes:

  • Adjusting JISB to the concept of the Universal Service Provision Centers (USPCs)
  • Piloting new models of service provision at local level (in cooperation with UN Women)
  • Digitizing local services and promoting E-Government platforms at local level
  • Modifying legal and institutional framework that would allow providing services in a new format