Modernizing public services through an evaluation tool

  • Status in-progress
  • Year 2016 - 2017
  • Category Government to Citizen

Problem statement:

The Government of Moldova committed itself to streamline the public administration reform in order to provide citizens with quality and accessible public services, reengineering of public services being an inherent part of the Public Administration Reform Strategy. Nevertheless, public institutions do not receive a timely citizens’ feedback, as the frequency of these data is very low. Lack of frequent user-generated data in the Monitoring & Evaluation of public services negatively affects the quality of public services, affects successful implementation of public services reform, and undermines citizens’ trust in government.

Innovative approach:

Ethnographic research carried out together with the engagement of citizens and service providers in order to achieve deep and nuanced understandings on various aspects of user experience, needs and expectations on the evaluation of public services.
Prototype of the public services evaluation tool developed based on the citizens’ feedback in a collaborative manner involving public servants, beneficiaries, IT companies.

Innovations for change outcomes:

  • Development of the tool based on citizens’ and service providers’ insights
  • Integration of the tool into the business-processes of the pilot institution - National Chamber of Social Insurance
  • Scale-up public services evaluation tool to other public institutions