Redesigning “Maternal benefits”, a public service delivered by National Chamber for Social Insurance

  • Status completed
  • Year 2014 - 2015
  • Category Government to Citizen

Problem statement:

According to the public servants working closely with new mothers, this service was, on one side, particularly burdening for new parents because it required their physical presence at the service provider, with an extensive number of documents. On the other side, public servants processing the same requests were working in understaffed teams, covering all stages of the process (starting with initial interaction in the front office up to back office clearance).

Innovative approach:

Application of human-centred design to map out service’s issues: Service mapping that outlined 26 steps (perambulated both by the citizens and the service provider), before final documents reach a banking authority and money are disbursed. A total of six back-office steps were redundant: performed both on paper and in the ICT solution or meaning the same activity done in a slightly different format.
The redesign of the service based on co-creation: generation of ideas and development of prototypes along with citizens and service providers.

Innovations for change outcomes:

  • Online application and request status’ tracking available for beneficiaries.
  • Simplification of the service by reducing the number of documents needed and steps to be undertaken.
  • Exclusive use of electronic regime within internal institutional flows.
  • A decrease of the front-office administrative burden on the territorial chambers and of the back-office burden on the territorial and national level of NCSI.