Redesigning “Residence change”, a public service delivered by the state-owned enterprise “Registru”

  • Status completed
  • Year 2016
  • Category Government to Citizen

Problem statement:

According to Registru estimations, “Residence change” is a complex service creating supplementary friction costs (time, money, documents collected, etc.) to citizens, as well as being burdensome for public servants.

Innovative approach:

Application of human-centred design to map out service’s issues together with users:

  • Burdensome process: all homeowners must participate in registration of a new resident. In the absence of at least one homeowner, it is impossible to perform any residence modifications. Considering the extent of emigration/migration phenomena in Moldova, is becoming a legitimate issue for the citizens.
  • Lack of information on the service: research showed that around 20% of citizens are not informed about the documents needed for residence change or, if informed, the average time spent in the queue exceeded two hours.
The redesign of the service based on co-creation: generation of ideas to improve the service along with the citizens and service providers.

Innovations for change outcomes:

  • Online verification of home residence,
  • Process simplification and reduction of bureaucratic steps, including back-office procedures, within the service providing entity “Registru”.
  • Development of an online service for home residence change