Serving migrants who have recently returned home within the Employment Agency

  • Status completed
  • Year 2016
  • Category Government to Citizen

Problem statement:

According to recent surveys, the main factors that determine Moldovan migrants to return home are their personal reasons like health conditions, family problems or legal issues with circulation. The difficulty to find a job abroad is also a reason for returning. Meanwhile, upon returning, migrants don’t usually address employment agencies for help.

Innovation approach:

Application of human-centred design to map service’s bottlenecks:

  • Ethnographic research: Mystery shopping session and ethnographic interviews with migrants and National Employment Agency specialists, to identify opportunities, needs and gaps in the employment reintegration services for returnees.
  • Develop a comprehensive research on the quality of the services that returned migrants receive, when reaching out to the National Employment Agency.
  • Co-creation exercise: development of prototypes together with stakeholders

Innovations for change outcomes:

  • Modernized and user-centred services provided for returned migrants.