Moldova Social Innovation Lab (MiLab)

Project Summary

Co-creation workshop conducted by Studio TILT and FutureGov to redesign the community police station in Chisinau. Photo: UNDP/Nadejda Grosu
The project aims to establish a multilateral platform to engage actors from different sectors (public, private, non-profit, etc.) to seek and experiment with innovative approaches to the society’s problems. This is how Moldova Social Innovation Lab was born.
Ultimately, the Lab is working on developing solutions that have been tested on the ground and co-developed with strong involvement of beneficiaries and are ready to be scaled-up in extended environments.

Project Goals:

  • Develop the capacity within the Social Innovation Lab to generate creative ideas and use innovative methods to solve identified societal problems;
  • Establish sustainable mechanisms and processes for promoting an active participation of people in the development of their country and communities;
  • Facilitate the communication between the Government, private sector and people on solving the challenges neither of them can effectively tackle alone;
  • Build partnerships with various stakeholders in view of testing and scaling-up the developed solutions.


Public servants discuss the redesign of the monthly child benefits service. Photo: UNDP/Cristina Lisii

Public Service Reengineering Component:

MiLab has worked on developing several pilots on public service reengineering.
As part of Government to Citizens services, the following pilots were developed:

  • Together with the e-Government Center and the National Chamber of Health Insurance, the team worked on reengineering the process of receiving monthly child care benefits.
  • Launched a pilot on improving public services delivery model at local level through the Join Information and Services Bureau. The activity is being piloted in three locations: Dubasari, Calarasi, and Rezina.
  • Reengineering the “Home residence change” public service delivered by the state-owned enterprise “Registru”. The redesign of this service is implemented in cooperation with the Electoral Component of Moldova Democracy Programme, and the recommendations for redesign of the service will be taken into account for the preparedness of the necessary infrastructure for on-line voting in Moldova.

Government to Business services:

  • Supported the National Food Safety Agency in simplifying the procedures for honey export.

MiLab has also participated in the development of the national methodology for reengineering public services by providing an analysis on the way Human-Centered Design Methodology could complement the existing methodology for reengineering, as well as collecting feedback on the usability of the existing guide for reengineering.
Public Engagement and Crowdsourcing Component:

  • Carried out Modern School crowdsourcing campaign which focused on understanding how to make skills acquired at school more relevant for the students. The crowdsourcing campaign resulted in Carieramea career orientation guide for school students, described below.
  • web portal – online career orientation guide for school students which includes itinerary for career guidance, description of professions and video testimonials, career guidance tests, events related to career guidance and labor market, instructions for writing resumes, and other features.
  • Imipasa mobile application and web platform – digital tool for citizens to report violation of several consumer protection rights and aims to contribute to the effective action of national supervision and control agencies.

Mainstreaming Social Innovation Component:

As part of this component, MiLab is organizing the Innovation in Governance Forum – an annual event exploring how innovation can help public sector become more effective and responsive to people’s needs. In addition, MiLab has organized or supported the organization of several innovation events such as hacktahons and delivered multiple trainings on Human Centered Design methodology.